Email Marketing

Our bespoke email tool provides a range of email marketing services and full training and support is available should it be required.

The software is not only simple to use, it’s also very clever and offers a huge number of features such as merging names, addresses and other user-defined details into mailings. It can be integrated with your website too so people who sign-up to newsletters are automatically added to appropriate lists. Easy to understand reports are available in real-time following the distribution of a mailing which can be to one or 1,000,000 people.

There are two packages available; pay as you go or pay monthly – in addition there’s a free trial with 200 email credits. For the more advanced requirements, we even do all the whizzy stuff like integrate it with CRM systems or customer databases.

Whether a professional or a novice, our portfolio of professional email templates are ready to use as well as providing the option to build your own from scratch; and of course we are happy to offer support.

3 easy steps:

  1. Template - Upload, design from scratch, use an old template, or pick one from the library
  2. Lists - Add a list, name it, and then start adding your addresses, or import an excel spread sheet
  3. Mailings - Choose the template, choose the list, give the mailing a subject and send it!

Managed email marketing services

Although many customers signup online, build templates and distribute their mailing; 16 also offer a full email marketing service where we design and build a template, optimise the template, add in your lists and schedule the distribution. The service concludes with the receipt of a detailed report showing who has opened it, clicked any links (and which links) and who has unsubscribed or forwarded to a friend. At all stages of the process, advice guidance and recommendations are made in order to maximise the effectiveness of email marketing.


  • Our 3 step platform - one of the simplest, easiest, most intuitive interfaces available.
  • No contracts or conditions - use it for as long as you like, or walk away any time.
  • No hard-sell - your details aren't used for marketing - we don't remind you to use it.
  • Free trial - 200 free email credits to test the system out, without giving us payment details.
  • UK support - never queue to speak to us, our whole team are trained to support you.
  • UK servers - white listed UK servers, for UK-bound emails for optimum deliverability.
  • Powerful reporting - Track your click-through’s in real time and segment your data.
  • Email services - just want it done, without learning how? We'll do it for you!
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