March 20, 2018 –

Advantages of designing and developing bespoke software solutions

Author: Emma Yemm
Emma Yemm
Senior Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Pixabay
Using bespoke software can make running a business more efficient and flexible, as it removes the restrictions that come with ‘off-the-shelf’ software.

Common tools developed for the masses may fulfil a businesses’ immediate requirements, but a lot of its features can be unnecessary for specific working practices.

Unlike broad off-the-shelf solutions, bespoke software is tailor-made to suit a companies’ individual needs.

Below, we look at some of the advantages of choosing bespoke software over ready-made packages.


Because bespoke software is tailor-made to serve a businesses’ specific requirements, it relieves any unnecessary time spent trawling through features that may or may not be practical to the company. Commercial products can also slow systems down as they are often loaded with functionalities which, again, loses valuable time.

Businesses that choose bespoke software know exactly what they are getting before the software goes live. Its integration is flawless, saving time in training staff to familiarise themselves with its features.


Bespoke software gives a business complete control. As it grows and adapts to meet the clients’ requirements, so does the software. Changes can be implemented quickly and effortlessly and there are unlikely to be any nasty surprises, such as being put under pressure to upgrade to a commercial software’s latest version. Change happens when the business wants it to happen.

Receiving personal support from direct contact with developers as the software is being designed also ensures adaptations are met instantly, allowing the software to live alongside the business.

Branding & Identity

Standing out from the crowd is paramount nowadays, especially in the social arena. A company must have a strong identity to ensure they are recognised by new and existing clients. The unique tools of bespoke software, such as auto-generated messages, creates a brand identity that can make all the difference between a business and its competitors.


A business that uses off-the-shelf software is essentially a small cog in a very big wheel. When contacting the development team to fix an issue such as a bug, it could be in a line of hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses waiting for assistance.

Bespoke software development companies, on the other hand, are legally obliged to support a businesses’ software for as long as it requires. Their software is also a lot harder to hack, as opposed to the constantly endangered commercial software.


Although more expensive initially, bespoke software will save businesses money in the long-term, unlike off-the-shelf products. This is because bespoke software is not a subscription-based model, so there won’t be any unexpected costs, such as when off-the-shelf suppliers automatically update their solutions and force the changes on the business.

Instead of pushing businesses into upgrading to newer versions of software, any development work and changes with bespoke solutions can be planned out and aligned with the businesses’ objectives.

Overall, bespoke software solutions offer strong cyber threat protection, unique branding, increased workplace efficiency and greater independence – all things commercial solutions struggle to achieve.

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