July 27, 2023 –

Play our game and Bee the winner!

Author: Victoria Schlesinger
Victoria Schlesinger
Senior Digital Account Manager
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Bee a friend, help our black and yellow striped chums collect the most nectar – and win a prize!

Have you heard the buzz? Honeybees are out and about buzzily collecting nectar, and they need your help! The team at 16i has created this free to play game to help the striped little workers land on flowers and fill their little tummies with nectar.

Simply use the arrow keys to move your bee up and down, the objective is to land on the flowers and collect nectar, but in your path are some angry insects trying to stop you getting to the flowers. Dodge the insects to land on the flowers, the more nectar that is collected in one flight, the more points you score.

Did you know - It takes 12 bees their entire life to make a teaspoon of honey! So, they need your help, as they have to visit thousands of flowers before their honey stomachs are full to the brim. Beeware though - once you have successfully landed on a few flowers to collect the nectar things speed up, and you will need to be fast in flight to avoid the angry insects.

Play the game as many times as you like, beecause many hands make light work. While you help the bees with their honey haul, you can climb up the leaderboard. However, only the highest score per person will be counted.

There are prizes for the two biggest hauls of honey, plus the added bonus of a Lucky Dip prize, randomly selected from all the scores submitted.

Bee Run prizes
The prizes for the most nectar collected:
- 1st place - £25 Amazon Gift Card
- 2nd place - £10 Amazon Gift Card
- Lucky dip prize draw: one lucky player will receive a £10 Amazon Gift Card

How to Play on Desktop
- Launch the Bee Run game
- Hit the ‘Play game’ button
- Press play to get buzzy collecting nectar
- Use the keyboard arrow keys to move your Bee up and down
- Submit your score and add it to the leaderboard

How to Play on Mobile
- Launch the Bee Run game
- Hit the ‘Play game’ button to start collecting nectar
- Tap the arrow buttons on screen to avoid the pesky insects
- Submit your score

Don’t delay, make a beeline to the top of the leaderboard and challenge your friends on social media to beat your score.

The competition closes at noon on Monday, 4th September 2023 and winners will be notified.

Good luck may the busiest bee win!