November 01, 2021 –

Benefits of Umbraco v9

Author: Emma Yemm
Emma Yemm
Senior Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Adrian Curiel
Umbraco is a world-leading, open-source content management system (CMS) currently used by a variety of businesses and organisations. 
With frequent improvements and enhancements, the CMS is regularly updated, however the biggest change was announced in 2019 when Umbraco confirmed plans to move the CMS from the .NET Framework to .NET Core (to make it even faster, secure and more scalable) through the development of version 9.  

Following its recent launch, this blog looks at the key benefits of the latest release. 

User Experience (UX) 

As with v8, the v9 UX features support for multilingual sites, a structured media library and Infinite Editing (a frictionless editing experience that allows users to edit pieces of content and media directly, without having to click around the CMS). The interface is also fully customisable, providing the user with maximum flexibility when building a digital project or website; whilst the extension possibilities include (but aren’t limited to) ecommerce sites, member sites and campaign pages. 

.NET 5 and ASP.NET Core 

One of the major changes for v9 is that Umbraco is (for the first-time) now fully on .NET 5 (ASP.NET Core), which provides developers with access to the improvements and performance enhancements provided by Microsoft ASP.NET Core, as well as new technology such as Razor TagHelpers, Microsoft Dependency Injection, and View Components. 


The transfer of v9 to .NET 5 means that Umbraco is now compatible with not just Microsoft Windows but all platforms that work with .NET, including macOS and Linux. 

Improved hosting options 

Umbraco tend to recommend their SaaS platform Umbraco Cloud for website hosting, however the changes associated with v9 and .NET 5 opens up a much more diverse range of hosting options. 

Improved performance and scalability 

The move to .NET 5 means that Umbraco users can benefit from the advanced hardware and software architecture which it has to offer, making the platform even faster, less resource-intensive and even more scalable.  

Future-proof software 

Umbraco is now even easier to learn and maintain. v9 includes significant improvements to APIs and services, whilst the move to .NET Core means that it utilises the most relevant and modern technology familiar to and expected from today’s developers. 

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