April 25, 2018 –

Does having a mobile app help grow businesses?

Author: Leah Benzie
Leah Benzie
Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Le Buzz
Almost everyone in the UK has, or has access to, a mobile phone, with the majority of those using smartphones which support mobile applications, or ‘apps’.

While the growing number of smartphones is nothing new, apps have enjoyed a recent spike as more and more hit the market to meet the needs of the estimated 77 per cent of us with an online presence.

But the digital world isn’t just a haven for behemoth businesses to tap into, as midsize and even small independent businesses are beginning to understand the limitless potential mobile marketing can have for their products and services.

So, we’ve listed a few of the ways mobile apps can help companies stay ahead of the game in our competitive and crowded online world:

Grow Brand & Recognition

An app is like an online billboard - showcasing your business, or parts of it, to your audience. You can utilise this blank digital canvas to demonstrate to your users why they should trust your brand. And what’s more, strengthening your brand through using an app will in turn boost your audience reach, enabling you to scope out thousands of potential new customers.

With people spending several hours a day on average scrolling through their mobile phones, visibility is also greatly enhanced, especially as an app can take pride of place on the front of your customer’s home screen.

Increase Customer Engagement

Just by having a mobile app, businesses have already rapidly increased their accessibility to customers. The seamless interaction with users makes it a valuable tool, with fast and easy access to products, services and contact information. This level of audience interaction can be nurtured and grown through a click of a button, ensuring business are always with their customers, no matter what time or day - a true game-changer.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty

As mentioned above, an app can improve visibility and reach new audiences, but they are also a great way to keep existing customers happy and loyal.

A loyalty programme within an app, such as a coffee shop offering its customers a free drink on every 10th visit, can motivate consumers to keep buying products. Collecting points to get exclusive deals establishes a sincere connection and will ultimately make customers feel appreciated and valued by the business.

Gain Customer Insights

One of the great digital benefits of having a mobile app in your businesses’ arsenal is that it allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ wants and needs through analytics. Being able to dissect customer data with a fine-tooth comb will give you valuable insights to help you make smarter decisions when making existing products or services more profitable.

Boost profits

Rather than taking the time to login to a website through a mobile web browser, being able to access services instantly through the touch of a button is a major driver to the growth of mobile apps.

The easier they are to use, the greater your customer satisfaction will be. Being able to do everything a website or phone call can in half the time will vastly improve the user’s experience and will keep them coming back.

The fast and efficient automation of an app can also improve a businesses’ processes, which in turn helps to reduce staffing costs while also improving customer relations. For instance, restaurants which allow apps to be used as a form of payment, saves time on staff members going to fetch the credit card machine thereby reducing waiting times for customers.

Apps can always help to save money as they can cut the cost of sending paper newsletters and reduce staff workload such as taking phone calls and sourcing information.

Overall, having a mobile app which has a simple yet effective design that customers can rely on to instantly access and efficiently browse or purchase products or services, will greatly benefit your business.