June 25, 2024 –

Go for Gold in the Tri-lympic Games!

Author: Victoria Schlesinger
Victoria Schlesinger
Senior Digital Account Manager

Take part in our specially designed Tri-lympic Games - run, jump, row, and cycle your way to winning a prize!

Excitement is mounting! The 2024 Paris Olympics, officially known as the XXXIII Olympiad, is taking place this summer where the world’s top athletes will go for gold, and we’re giving you the chance to join in the fun.

The Olympics is one of the oldest and most prestigious sporting events in the world and practice makes perfect. We have launched this special free game to give you the chance to hone your athletic prowess and become the best of the best – your goal is to keep improving your score and rise to the Gold medal position by the end of the games.

The starting line of the rowing game

The team at 16i has created this free to play Summer sporting game to find out who the ultimate athlete is. Test your skills across three of the most popular Olympic sports:

  • Rowing - channel your inner Steve Redgrave
  • Cycling - break records like Jason Kenny
  • Hurdling - leap to success like Sally Gunnell

Play each sport as many times as you like, your scores will be independently verified and the highest total score across all three disciplines will take home the Gold medal prize. At the end of each race add your score to the scoreboard using the same email address, the faster you run, row and jump, the more points you score.

Speeding past the back markers in the cycling game

Over 10,000 athletes will compete in the 2024 Olympic Games. However, your odds of winning a prize in our Tri-lympics is greater than some of the top athletes in Paris, so don’t delay, take part now.

There are prizes for Gold and Silver medal positions, plus the added bonus of a Lucky Dip prize, randomly selected from all the athletes that submit a score.

Tri-lympic Games prizes

  • Gold Medal - £50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Silver Medal - £25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Lucky dip prize draw: one randomly selected player will receive a £25 Amazon Gift Card

How to Play

  • Launch the Tri-lympics Games
  • Hit the 'Play games' button
  • Pick a Sport
  • Row, Cycle, or Hurdle your way to points
  • Submit your score and add it to the leaderboard

**Don’t forget** – make sure your use the same email address each time you play and your highest overall score will be added to the leaderboard.

Get practising and keep competing until the Olympic Games finish in August. In the words of the original Olympic motto – strive to be Faster > Higher > Stronger, then challenge your friends on social media to beat your score.

The competition closes at noon on Monday, 12th August 2024 and winners will be notified.

Good luck - may the greatest Tri-lympian win!