October 19, 2023 –

Helping young children achieve their ‘goals’!

Author: Emma Yemm
Emma Yemm
Senior Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Mike
With a range of internal, socio-environmental and B-Corp sustainability initiatives already in place, 16i have recently sponsored the Churchdown Panthers U9’s Orange Football Club (F.C).
Based in Churchdown, the football club consists of twelve players (across five different schools) and is run by three coaches, including a Team Manager. 16i have helped to significantly reduce kit costs by sponsoring the team jacket with a sleeve logo, making the club accessible to more children and enabling them to have fun and work as a team through exercise; ultimately having a positive impact on the players, their families, and the wider community.

Churchdown Panthers U9 Team

“With a keen focus on using business as a force for good, it’s great to be able to give back to the community and really make a difference to young lives; helping them to achieve their dreams and aspirations”

Alex Clough16i Managing Director

As part of the Cheltenham Youth Football League, the Churchdown Panthers have had a great start to the season with one cup game win and four league wins. The players have also recently been on a team trip to see Cheltenham Town F.C., where the children took part in a tour of the club, completed a training session, and got to watch a game against Derby, all whilst wearing their new team jackets.

“The sponsorship has significantly increased the teams’ sense of identity and enabled us to showcase this during our recent visit to Cheltenham Town F.C. Knowing that sponsors take an interest in and give support to the team boosts players confidence and determination to work and improve as a team, all of which increases their enjoyment of the game”

Ian GreavesChurchdown Panthers Club Treasurer

Team player wearing the Churchdown Panthers U9 jacket

Good luck Churchdown Panthers with the rest of the season!

16i are always looking for new ways to make a difference. Please contact us with any ideas.