December 10, 2018 –

How automation affects small businesses

Author: Alex Clough
Alex Clough
Managing Director
Photo by: rawpixel
Regardless of size or industry, automation is beneficial to the productivity of all businesses, especially in this continuously technology-driven era.

Defined as technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance, automation can stir up the notion of replacing manpower with machine, but this is just a broad and often misjudged concept.

In fact, automation in the workplace has many advantages. If you run a small business and need to ensure multiple tasks are completed simultaneously, automation can, for instance, perform repetitive tasks such as sending marketing e-mails, introducing data to spreadsheets and generating reports.

But to fully utilise automation, small businesses should incorporate software solutions to replace any existing internal systems. This way, the potential of business growth is maximised.

Preferably, a bespoke software solution should be first choice over commercial ‘off-the-shelf’ products, as they offer an abundance of tools that can be tailored to your business’s needs and will ensure automation works to your specific requirements.

Often referred to as business process automation, or business process optimisation, the automation features of a bespoke software solution work to relieve employees of tenuous, time-consuming tasks and challenges. The addition of business process automation can save small businesses the vital time and resources required to create and maintain a stimulated workplace environment.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of how some of the major benefits of integrating automation into your small business can help to ensure a more streamlined dataflow is achieved:

Save valuable time

One of the key benefits of using bespoke software to carry out business process automation is that it saves a significant amount of time, which is crucial if you’re managing a small business and lack the manpower to carry out simultaneous tasks such as tracking the real-time analysis of data.

Those time-consuming yet important tasks such as manually inputting data into systems or sending out marketing emails to loyal and potential customers can be effectively managed with a software solution, freeing up more time to focus on challenging assignments. Effectively, automation allows you to be smarter in your business decisions.

Create a streamlined workflow

As previously mentioned, bespoke software solutions help to create a more streamlined experience. Operating an efficient and flowing workforce is a vital necessity for a small business to remain competitive in today’s market.

Business process automation can also help to build a more transparent workplace and improve collaboration through automated task management and centralised communication, where staff can share ideas and notify fellow employees of their completed and upcoming tasks in one place.

Reduce manual errors

While as good as your best employees might be, they aren’t immune from making the odd mistake or two when completing tasks manually.

Using bespoke software to automate tasks can drastically reduce errors, which not only avoids business failure depending on the severity or amount of errors made, but also builds a more reliable database.

Enhance adaptability

In an ever-changing business world, having the flexibility to effectively implement change, quickly and in a safe, controlled and scalable manner is key to staying ahead of the competition and avoiding getting left behind.

Bespoke software significantly enhances the adaptability of automation, whether it’s responding to customers in rapid time or launching a new feature before competitors. Ultimately, the software provides businesses with that ‘extra’ edge.

Improve your overall customer experience

Using automation effectively will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Having automation to handle customer enquiries and complaints in real-time is fundamental in building respect and brand loyalty - the gateway to attracting new customers.

Overall, using business process automation allows you to enhance workflow and create a stimulating environment, while the tailored features of software solutions helps to boost productivity and create a thriving business where everyone is on the same page.

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