March 20, 2020 –

The importance of remote working

Author: Leah Benzie
Leah Benzie
Digital Account Manager
With the recent development of Covid-19, and new guidelines from the Government, it has now become necessary for businesses to allow employees to work from home.

Although this isn’t viable for everybody, it is something that should be implemented if possible.

As it currently looks like social distancing is likely to last for at least a few weeks (if not months), we have outlined the main advantages of implementing remote working in the workplace, and how some of our systems could help:

Reduce financial strain on employees

If you have a business which can essentially be run from anywhere, it’s likely that you can offer working from home as an option to employees. Remote working allows employees to continue working from anywhere, whilst still being paid their normal wage. This helps to alleviate financial worries such as having to go onto SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), particularly if they must stay away from the office for a considerable amount of time.

Reduce company’s economic risk

The Government have already advised that everyone should work from home where possible, but for businesses where this isn’t viable, this may result in temporary closures. By allowing employees to work remotely, businesses can remain open and continue to work. Account Managers (or equivalent) can assure clients and customers that their accounts are still being looked after, and that employees are still contactable during this time of increasing uncertainty. This in turn helps to lower the economic risk for businesses who are able to remain open, and still utilise all of their employees.

Keep up with work

If a company closes temporarily and employees are not able to work from home, this has a knock-on effect on the business and the employees, for example project deadlines may be missed, resulting in possible loss of clients or business. However, if employees can work remotely, this reduces the backlog of work and any need to turn new business down.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to have systems in place to allow people to work from home. As an example, our DAM (Digital Asset Management) system provides anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital assets via one centralised and easy-to-use brand portal, meaning important files can be accessed at all times, even from home. Companies and their employees can also stay connected by using systems such as Microsoft Teams, which allows you to keep up to date with projects, schedule calls and video meetings, and keep in touch with clients using their calls service. This means that even if everyone is working from home, they’re all still contactable, and kept in the loop.

Improved productivity

Everybody is different, so what works for one person might not work as well for somebody else, however in some cases, working remotely can improve productivity. Without all of the distractions of the office, some people find that they are able to concentrate more on what they are doing and are therefore able to produce better quality work. As long as each employee has the relevant equipment to work from home, they are likely to work efficiently and can keep themselves and others safe.

Keep customers updated

By allowing employees to work from home, they’ll still be able to keep customers updated on any news from the company. For example, through using our CMS (Content Management System), our clients are able to log in at the office, or at home, to update their own websites in order to let their customers know their latest news, and provide them with any updates. By making our system accessible anywhere, it means that important updates can be done at any time, from anywhere.

With the progression of Covid-19, it’s important that travel companies can easily update or cancel bookings. Our RES System, which is currently being utilised by several of our clients daily from all over the world, is accessible from anywhere and allows companies to manage bookings and enquiries, answer queries, and email clients from one central place, meaning it is easy to log in and keep all bookings and enquiries updated with no need to go into the office.

Our CRM system also allows businesses to keep any sensitive data, whether relating to the business itself or to its customers, within one central, secure, and encrypted database. Password protected; it allows administrators to manage user permissions and the subsequent content each user type can access. Furthermore, instead of saving personal data to an internal server (or in some instances an individual's machine!), the CRM ensures that data can be kept securely whilst being accessible to users anytime, anywhere.

To summarise, if remote working is something that you are able to offer, it is clear that the benefits far outweigh those of having to close your office completely. Although this of course isn’t possible for everyone, it is best for your employees and customers if you are able to implement remote working, and in turn is also beneficial to your business.

If you would like more information on how any of our products could help you, please do get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.