October 17, 2018 –

What are the benefits of an MVP and how does it differ from proof of concept?

Author: Leah Benzie
Leah Benzie
Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Helloquence

In our last blog, we explained what a Minimal Viable Product was – the simplest form of any service a business aims to bring to market.

In this blog, we will explain its many benefits and how it differentiates from proof of concept; the evidence, typically deriving from a pilot project, which demonstrates that a product is feasible.

Firstly, the main difference between the two strategies is that while both approaches are designed to take on board client feedback and iterate, an MVP has a clear objective prior to engaging with customers and seeks reassurance on that objective. Proof of concept, however, relies on customers to set the objectives as it evolves.

Both are effective methods of developing a product for a bespoke software solution, but a MVP offers a clearer and faster journey to a fully featured product. That, in fact, is one of the main benefits of using a MVP, but there is also a string of others.

For example, using an MVP can save a huge amount of resources, which is particularly handy in the development of bespoke software solutions. But not only are resources saved and better utilised elsewhere, time is also not wasted by the development team if they have a minimal number of features to work on ahead of the MVP’s launch - which could be a landing page, website layout or even a button.

Another key benefit is that you can accelerate your company’s understanding of what the customer actually wants by using rapid iteration of delivery. Again, this method is particularly effective in bespoke software solutions as we can see and evaluate what customers are interacting with immediately.

Furthermore, if an MVP’s feasibility proves successful for the company, it can go on and develop it much quicker due to the rapid turnaround of launching it. Ultimately, this can mean the product can start boosting profitability sooner rather than later.

Overall, an MVP provides businesses with a fast, cheap and easy way to test the feasibility of a product it wishes to launch. At 16i, we create MVPs to suit our clientele’s needs and work closely with them throughout the planning, design and launch of the MVP to ensure its success is maximised.

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