January 02, 2019 –

Why is good quality content important for a website?

Author: Emma Yemm
Emma Yemm
Senior Digital Account Manager
Photo by: rawpixel

This may sound like a very simple question to answer, but in fact there are a multitude of things to consider. Two of which are what exactly is good content, and what do you want it to do?

An ecommerce business, for example, is looking for consumers to go online and make a purchase directly via the website. An agency offering a specialist service, on the other hand, will want customers to get in touch and make an enquiry.

A website is the online face of a business, and usually the portal for whatever service it happens to offer. Its content, therefore, needs to reflect what that business’s wider objectives are.

If you’re looking to entice consumer purchase then your content needs to encourage that, and similarly if you’re looking to engage with key decision makers who you’re hoping to meet with then you need to use content that appeals to that purpose.

Most businesses understand that no matter how good a service they provide, if their website is unreliable, outdated and difficult to navigate, visitors will carry the perception that these negative traits are a reflection of the business itself.

Good content is crucial in creating positive brand identity. If the website hosts quality content which users recognise and trust, they’ll not only be more likely to return (boosting customer retention), they’ll also be more inclined to spend longer on the site (reducing the bounce rate), make a purchase, enquire or act out whichever activity you’re keen for them to engage in as part of your objectives (improving conversion rates).

But how do you define good content? Ultimately, if you’re a business, you’re using your website to sell whatever service you happen to offer. There’s no special trick or formula to gaining an advantage over competitors, it just takes time and care to create a website that gains ‘the edge’.

Utilising bespoke software solutions, such as those we provide at 16i, are the most effective way to achieve a website that projects both individuality and a suitable level of corporate personality.

The software is developed to meet specific business requirements, meaning content such as the design, visuals and videos can be adapted and applied across the website in a calculated fashion. Off-the-shelf solutions, on the other hand, fail to provide this level of malleability, with most only offering a set layout that thousands of others will be forced to follow, making individuality virtually impossible.

Using bespoke software to design your business’ website offers a playground of opportunity to ensure content is portrayed exactly how you want. Relevant and keyword-rich content can be splashed across the site in a way that delivers the message with power and conviction. After all, your website should target your audience, engage with them and persuade them to act.

The richer the content, the higher the conversion rates. In fact, the higher volume of traffic you bring to your website due to its quality content, the higher it will be pushed up the rankings in search engines.

Google, Bing, and co feed on content, especially frequently updated content, so regularly adding blogs posts, product news and newsletters to your website creates fresh landing pages which can be added to the ever-growing SEO mix.

Websites with valuable content also naturally boost their chances of achieving social shares and backlinks organically – another thing that greatly aids SEO rankings.

Overall, high-quality content is crucial to the success of any website looking to retain visitors and to rank highly in search engines. While the convenience of off-the-shelf products makes them a seemingly more affordable investment, it doesn’t usually result in high-quality content, meaning you’ll lose out in the longer term.

Bespoke software provides the tools to create content that is both high in quality and valuable – to both you and its users – by building trust and establishing authority with visitors.

Quality content shouldn’t trick people into clicking through because of misleading headlines or questionable SEO techniques. Instead, it should offer what it says on the tin by delivering what the user needs, and, by providing valuable online content, you’ll be on the right track for business success.

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