March 26, 2019 –

Why trusting developers with valuable customer data is important

Author: Emma Yemm
Emma Yemm
Senior Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Annie Spratt

With technology driving the course of modern-day data consumption, it’s becoming quite a rare occurrence to find hard copies of sensitive information stored away in filing cabinets.

Nowadays, valuable customer data is digitally stored by businesses which can raise a few ethical questions when they decide to change or upgrade to a new software solution.

During that process, who has access to the online data? And, most importantly, is it safe?

There are an abundance of developers out there, but the difficulty doesn’t come in finding a web developer to build a new system, it comes in finding a developer that will keep sensitive data safe, secure and strictly confidential.

At 16i, we pride ourselves on being completely transparent in the work we carry out for clients, ensuring they are kept at ease when it comes to handling valuable information.

Trust is the key. From the offset we make it clear to clients we have the correct processes and procedures in place to protect their data against being exposed.

While some freelancers might be cheaper than a software developing agency, if they can’t demonstrate these same procedures then caution should always be taken.

As a reputable and professional development firm, we achieve transparency in our work through building close, honest relationships with all of our clients, and not just during the development stage.

We know a short-term fix doesn’t mean a lifetime guarantee, and that’s why if ever a problem arises with the software in the future, we’ll always be one call away from effectively and efficiently resolving the issue, ensuring data is kept secure in the process.

In addition, we always take an open and honest approach to our work by continuously updating clients on the project throughout the design process, keeping them actively involved in the development journey.

Overall, reputable web developing agencies will always ensure full transparency in their work, especially when handling or having access to sensitive data is involved.

Since 2010, we’ve launched more than 2,000 successful projects for clients ranging from SMEs to global enterprises, all with one common goal; helping companies to raise brand awareness, increase conversions, and drive sales.

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