Taming Tigers

Rethinking audience participation with Jim Lawless

Taming Tigers

Jim Lawless, a renowned inspirational speaker has put his life on the line to prove his 'Taming Tigers' theories. Using his tools and presenting to over half a million people on five continents, Jim is living proof that his ‘antidote to self-help' works.

The challenge
Jim initially approached 16i to help build two content managed websites for ‘Taming Tigers’ and his own personal site ‘Jim Lawless’, but this quickly led to the design and development of a brand new app that walks you through the ten rules and helps you tame your tiger.

“Like all business, our digital presence is vital to our future. This year we’ve made important investments in both web presence and a new App with complex functionality and a laser sharp commercial goal. 16 have not only delivered all of this to time and budget (and with a project management team that made the process as painless as possible for us), they have also built simple but powerful systems behind the scenes that mean that we can “drive” it all ourselves without endless costs being incurred. Clients from London to San Francisco love our new digital presence and tools - and by building their own redundancy into their work, 16 have ensured they’ll always be our first port of call.”

Jim Lawless, Inspirational speakerJim Lawless

The app needed to work with the delegates before, during, and after Jim's conference. Built-in helpful prompts, video guides, and push notifications were incorporated to motivate you along the way to tackling the new and uncertain.
Key features/customisations
Integration of an event feed allows Jim to project delegates’ goals and actions on a large screen during his seminars, allowing for increased levels of audience participation.

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