Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is essentially web based advertising, and when setup correctly is a highly effective marketing mechanism especially as return on investment is easily measureable through Google Analytics, forms and enquiries.

Optimising your PPC campaign either on its own or as part of an SEO campaign has many benefits.

By optimising the website (or landing page) for the ad campaign, and the ad campaign for the website, massive increases in conversion rates can be achieved while reducing monthly spend.

Pay Per Click advertising is an extremely measurable form of advertising; the most targeted and cost effective form of advertising available. And being digital marketing, it's measurable and therefore incredibly accountable.

PPC benefits:

  • Targeted traffic
  • Visits more likely to convert to sales and enquiries
  • Carefull optimisation allows budgets to go further
  • Geo-targeting for local search terms
  • Split-testing text to determine the most effective adverts
  • Budget and bid limits strictly controlled
  • Optimised campaigns for landing pages
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