Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (search engine optimisation) simply cannot be overlooked. Search engines are often the first place potential customers go to when researching a product or service, therefore it is imperative that your site can be found.

SEO is always a major consideration in the build of any project. Whether this is a basic brochure site or a fully responsive ecommerce platform, the structure and how the site is built has a considerable impact on how a site will perform.

Amongst other factors it’s vital that the website has relevant and structured copy, which is well optimised for search engines; all of which can all be achieved via our products.

We can perform an in-depth analysis of your website and ensure the copy and structure is in place to ensure the site is performing as expected, make recommendations and changes, and providing training for customers who wish to continually optimise their sites as new content is added.

With SEO, there is no overnight success. It takes time and patience and above all, a consistent approach to ensure site positions remain. Google, and other search engines, are continually evolving their algorithms so it’s important to keep up with industry developments. Our team are always up to date with the latest changes, so are able to assist and consult to ensure the best possible results whether it’s for a complete site redesign and build or to supplement an existing site.

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