The admin section allows you to do two things:

Edit users

All users who have access to edit the website are listed here. Clicking 'Edit users' gives the option to change a user's email address, full name and access level. Users can also be added or deleted.

The different levels of access are as follows:
Author - Authors can add content but can't publish anything without authorisation from an Editor or Admin user.
Editor - Allows you to approve other people's changes but approval from another editor or admin is required on any changes submitted by the user.
Admin - Gives full control to edit the site without changes needing to be approved, and also gives the ability to add new users.

The default level of access is 'Admin', so unless the dropdown menu is changed to one of the other options, then all users will be able to freely edit all areas of the site.

URL redirects

This is where redirects can be set up on the site. If the current site is replacing an old website, we will have already set up all of the redirects from your old pages to your new site.