The advanced settings of a page control a number of elements, including the name of the page, whether a page is live, whether it appears in the navigation etc. To access the advanced settings of a page, simply right click on your chosen page, then 'Edit webpage' and click the 'advanced' tab.

Please see a breakdown below of the Advanced page:

Advanced editing

Page enabled
Ticking this box makes the page live. If the box is unticked, this means the page is not live and is hidden from the live site.

Page name
The page name will appear in the web address (and navigation unless a different navigation text is entered).

Navigation text
If the navigation text is required to be different to the page name, an alternative can be entered here. This is particularly helpful if you would like special characters (e.g. &) to be present in the navigation. The page name will not allow you to add these, so you can get round this by using them in the navigation text field.

Navigation hover text
If the navigation hover text is required to be different to the page name or navigation text, an alternative can be entered here.


Advanced editing

Exclude from sitemap
Excluding a page from the sitemap means that users and search engines cannot find the page without being given a specific link.

Navigation item
If the navigation item box is unchecked, the page will not appear in the navigation menus on the site.

Page order/Parent page
The page order and parent page can be edited here. You can also update the order of a page by right clicking on it in the directory, and selecting 'Move up' or 'Move down'.


Advanced editing

Page template
The homepage design will usually differ to the layout of the inner pages. If so, there will be other templates to select from in this drop down list.

Page module
If your page has the option of adding modules in, the module can be selected here.


Advanced editing

Page header
If your website has header images, they can be selected and updated here. Clicking the 'Upload image' button will take you to the header images section of the media centre, where you can upload more images from your computer.

Once you've made any changes to the advanced settings, the 'Save changes' button should be clicked.