Common issues

Images aren't appearing on a page

If you have renamed or deleted an image in the Media Centre, the image path name will have changed, and the page will be looking for an image that doesn't exist. To resolve this, go to the page and re-insert the image. Also ensure there are no symbols in your image file names such as '&*#'. It's also good practice to upload images with no spaces in the file name. Either upload them with all spaces closed, or add '-' in the place of any spaces.

A hyperlink used to work but now the link takes me to a 404 page

If you have renamed the page that you have linked to, it will change the web address for that page and so any hyperlinks need to be updated to reflect the new page name. One way to avoid this issue is to keep the page name the same, but change the navigation text.

I am locked out from editing a page

If another user, with a higher level of access, is editing a page, then you won't be able to access it at the same time. Sometimes another user may finish editing a page, but might not save or cancel their changes, preventing another user from accessing the page. If you have the same level of access, then you will be able to unlock the page, however this means that if the other user is in fact editing the page, they will lose any changes that they have made.

The page doesn't look the same on the live site as it does on the editor

The CMS doesn't have a preview of what the page will look like on the website, however, the font sizes, colour, and style should look accurate to what you see on the page editor. If it doesn't, please let us know.

My page is just not looking right and I want to start again with a clean page

If you look at the bottom of the editor window, you'll see a tab labelled 'HTML view', click this and delete everything in the editor. This will then give you a completely clean canvas.

I can't find where to edit a certain part of my website

Although most areas of websites can be edited in the pages or modules sections of the CMS, sometimes some elements of a site will be hard-coded. This means that these edits will need to be done by our developers here at 16i. These are often parts of the website that relate to the design, rather than the content. If you can't find where to edit part of your site, contact us and we'll be happy to help.