Digital Strategy

An essential but often overlooked aspect of a website development project can be the digital strategy. We can assist in this area, if required, with a review of the current activity and processes to identify opportunities from which vision and goals can be determined along with prioritisation and timeline for delivery.

Digital review

Key opportunities and challenges within a business need to be identified, and this is most effectively achieved by competitor analysis, as this will highlight strengths and weaknesses. This includes usability and user experience comparisons as well as functionality and features of the digital elements. This can be the entire digital strategy for a company, elements such as e-commerce systems, social media presence, Google Adwords, or individual campaigns taken in isolation. It’s all about gathering as many task-specific facts as possible; whether that’s lead generation, margin, customer profiling and upselling; factual, data-driven information.

Research and analysis

There’s obviously no point in having a website if no one can find it or use it. By careful analysis of Google Analytics data (and other analytical tools where available / appropriate), strengths and weaknesses can be identified with key information such as top entry and exit pages, bounce rates and other analytical information; which combined with our experience in the sector enables a plan for prioritisation of numerically proven decisions and strategies to be generated.

Measuring results

Analysing results is a critical process to determine the effectiveness of a project or campaign as it allows conclusions based on facts which can then be used to adjust the actions or processes for subsequent projects or campaigns thereby optimising the business process and flow. Careful and detailed examination of Google Analytics is often an excellent starting point, and with bespoke projects or ecommerce platforms when combined with custom tracking and reporting there is enough information to compile to ensure that the products are exceeding expectations.

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