April 11, 2018 –

Business benefits of customer portals

Author: Emma Yemm
Emma Yemm
Senior Digital Account Manager
Photo by: Thomas Lefebvre
A self-service portal is a website that enables customers to perform a range of tasks in their own time, which could include managing transactions, reading documents or paying bills.

In short, they open up a two-way system for information to be shared between businesses and customers by speeding up communication and social engagement.

But adopting a self-service portal brings many more benefits, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the key reasons why more and more businesses are choosing to use them.

Increase Responsiveness

Self-service portals grant direct access to applications and information for customers outside standard business hours, meaning they can use the system at any given time convenient to them.

Increase Flexibility

As mentioned above, a customer portal can be accessed anywhere at any time, giving greater flexibility to businesses. Giving customers the tools to access important documentation and keep up to date will keep them engaged and productive, ultimately making them feel more independent and happier in the process.

Boost Web Traffic

A well-functioning portal service can not only bring in more web traffic, but also showcase your brand as an authoritative expert in its own field. This in turn will build trust with users and a creditable reputation to outreaching potential customers.

One key method of growing web traffic is by making sure all the information the customer requires is in the portal. Having all the relevant tools in one place demonstrates that your business is reliable and committed to addressing a customer’s needs, deterring them from having to go elsewhere for information.

Build Customer Loyalty

Spending the time to create a portal that customers can make use of, and being effectively responsive to their needs, will likely retain their business.

A streamlined portal where two-way communication is enriched through forums, requests, support services, product proposals and shared news pages, allows both the business and customer to keep each other abreast of relevant news.

This gained knowledge will strengthen your ability to answer queries more quickly, helping to enhance the overall experience.

Enhance Personalisation

Businesses can embrace personalisation with self-service portals. Every contact will have their own login and password and you can even tailor the individual experience. For example, customers will have the tools to create their own profiles, view order histories or check order statuses around the clock.

This will boost the overall experience and highlight that each individual is a valued customer whose preferences are unique to them.

Overall, a customer portal are about improving business processes, adding in automation into various processes which results in lower costs for the business and an enhanced experience for the customer - win win!