Happiness Lab (Portal & App)

Generating happier employees through bespoke software development

Happiness Lab

Happier employees do virtually everything noticeably better and Happiness Lab helps companies to measure, understand, and improve happiness through enhanced engagement of their employees.

The challenge

16i have been involved in the initial planning, design, and development of the Happiness Lab platform, as well as offering ongoing maintenance and support through regular updates and new features.

Right from the outset, the Happiness Lab project was one with real potential for the solution to go far, and be adopted by many. There were several key challenges and technical hurdles to achieve in order to not only provide the required level of complexity for reporting but more predominantly, for the rating happiness interface to be as easy and intuitive to complete as possible.

Careful planning was required to ensure all parts of the system were going to deliver the required results, be flexible for future enhancements, and ultimately be scalable and robust enough to support the high level of user interaction with the site.

“What I like about 16i is their real can-do attitude from everybody that works there. What we’re doing together is quite complex and it really helps that we’ve got a good flexibility and collaboration on how we’re going to solve the challenges which we’re trying to. There’s a general sense of ‘we’ll find a way’ that works for everybody and that’s a fantastic way to work.”

Key features/customisations
The resulting platform is used worldwide by customers of all sizes and there are some interesting future developments around the corner. It’s been an exciting, interesting, and challenging project to work on.

What our clients say