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Helping you to define and promote your brand

Branding relates to the name, design, logo, or strap line associated with a company or product in order to help customers identify it from competitors.

The ultimate goal of any branding is to create an idea, image, or emotional connection that people have in mind when thinking of your brand; thus ensuring that customers remain loyal to it.

Companies tend to use a variety of tools to do this, primarily through advertising, packaging, experience, pricing, partnerships, and visual identity.

With a heavy focus on digital, our designers have worked on a wide-range of branding projects, covering but not limited to:

As part of the process all branding projects start with an initial creative workshop to identify key brand values, audience types, and potential brand statements. These elements are then fully explored and researched ahead of initial concepts (such as logo, strap-line, and proposed colour palette) being presented for feedback and further refinement. 

For more information, please take a look at our Specialist Aviation Services (Branding) case study.

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