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Creative direction

A culmination of art direction, design, and strategy

Creative Direction is the intersection between art direction, design, and strategy, with definitions of each detailed below:

Good creative direction is therefore achieved by ensuring that these three elements are in-sync and that the art direction and design always support the client’s aims and objectives - it only takes one to fall short (even if the others are brilliant) and the whole creative concept will be lost. For example you could have brilliant strategy and art direction, but an inappropriate design; or alternatively appropriate art direction and exemplary design but a weak strategy – all of which would lead to poor creative direction and ultimately a weak concept.

With a dedicated design team, good creative direction comes as standard with any project – involved from the outset, our designers fully explore your project and work with you during an initial workshop to ensure that all elements of the design process are equally aligned in order to achieve the required outcome.

For more information, please take a look at our Early Years Direct case study.

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