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User experience (UX)

Providing informed, audience-appropriate designs

Our process begins by working with you to establish your target audience to ensure all design decisions are informed and appropriate to fulfil the user needs.

User experience (UX) relates to the overall impression and experience that a user has when using a product or service.

In terms of websites, this goes further than the user journey as it relates to the overall look and feel of the site and how appealing it is to the user.

As an example, a user may visit a site and quickly find what they’re looking for or complete a transaction (though clear CTAs), however the overall appearance of the site might be cluttered, outdated, and/or un-responsive (making use on mobile or tablet very difficult).

For this reason, user experience plays a crucial role in the design process as a successful website needs to be both simple to use and visually engaging; with the following elements considered as part of our design process:

For more information, please take a look at our Elmore Court case study.

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