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Platforms & portals

Portals will speed up customers and / or client’s ability to input or consume tailored content in a secure and relevant environment. This will help with increased responsive speeds as all relevant information is appropriately grouped and run 24/7 removing the need for customers to wait for standard business hours and with access through any device the increase in flexibility will allow the customer to complete the action at their convenience.

Portals can consist of anything from a system which delivers targeted and relevant content (such as library systems or additional information around assisted living for example) to systems which can completely manage businesses such as for maintaining customer service records.

Platforms generally (but not exclusively) sit behind portals and allow administrators to control and set data or functions. These many integrate many portals and often then form the central hub of business processes and when implemented appropriately can often become the backbone of operations.

For more information as to how 16i have transformed business processes then get in touch, or take a look at our Grant UK (Portal & App) case study.
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