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Idea validation

An unbiased, scientific approach to idea or product validation

Sometimes idea validation is a vital part of the project, particularly if you're looking to build a new product or service.

One of the main reasons to validate is so that you don’t waste time, resources, or money building something that’s in weak demand. The other is to fully explore your market – if you move too quickly into a product idea, you may miss the opportunity to identify a new trend or evolve your product based on initial discoveries.

Many companies also have the tendency to focus too heavily on the product or technology, without being aware of who their audience is or what their interests are; resulting in a product which is either surplus or just not sustainable.

Our idea validation takes the stress out of this – we take an unbiased approach, scientifically exploring the market, trends, and current demand to ascertain whether there is an appetite for the product. If there is, we’ll work closely with you to assess the correct technology and ultimately weigh up the cost vs revenue benefits for you.

Don’t worry - we’ll always be open and honest and will tell you from the outset if an idea just isn’t viable or cost-effective.

For more information, please take a look at our Happiness Lab case study.

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