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User journeys

Generating conversions through detailed user journey mapping

A user journey relates to the steps taken or actions performed by a user to reach a particular page, product, or goal on a website.

For this reason, user journeys play a vital role in determining the success of the website and are therefore at the core of what we do - if a customer can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, then they’re more likely to stay on the website and ultimately buy a product or service. Elongate the customer journey and they’ll quickly become frustrated and look elsewhere!

User journey mapping is therefore the process by which we ascertain when, what, and how the user(s) will interact with the website. We will work closely with you to ascertain the various user types and what each will be doing on the site, as well as your conversion objectives.

Key conversion tools (such as ‘Call-to-Actions’ (CTAs), feature boxes, and ‘Mid Page Units’ (MPUs)) will then be considered and wireframes created to demonstrate the proposed journey for each user type, ensuring these are as streamlined as possible. 

For more information, have a look at our Grant UK case study.

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