Smile One

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Smile One

Smile One provide a full range of dental services in a family-friendly environment.

The Challenge
As a relatively new dental brand, Smile One approached 16i with a requirement to create not only a corporate website, but also a number of sub-sites for each of the dental practices.

16i worked with Smile One to ascertain the key requirements and purposes of each site in order to create an adaptable design for the practices moving forward. A key part of the challenge was to ensure that Smile One could easily create and manage the individual practice sites directly from the CMS.

This was achieved by creating each practice as a microsite within the main corporate site, allowing Smile One to manage everything from one central, Umbraco CMS - removing the need for separate log-ins; whilst it also helps prevent duplicate content for SEO purposes.

Key features/customisations

The site (s) include a number of design features, such as high-end imagery and tool-tip icons.

A further, key part of the project is to allow users to book and manage appointments for the dedicated dental practice - which will ultimately be achieved through the integration of an iFrame for Smile One’s Software of Excellence booking platform.